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It Hurts when our Kids Separate from Us

Sunrise Sunset The flyer came home on Monday. The last school trip for the 6th grade elementary school would take place at the end of May. They would be going to tour Citizens Bank Park and take a cruise on … Continue reading

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What Should a Parent Do When a Child Wants to Play Video Games at a Friend’s House

To Play or not To Play: That is the Question So here I am once again faced with a dilemma. This of course will be one of the many tough decisions I will have to make as a parent. Should … Continue reading

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jackie’s Journey # 7: Survival Tips: What Jackie Learned the First Month

Harrowing Happiness: The First Month  So we got through the first few weeks. We made a semi-load of mistakes but we survived and the kids thrived. We win! After the first few days, we decided that if a mistake didn’t … Continue reading

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