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  1. Be the leader and teacher in your home.
  2. Discipline means “to teach.”
  3. Discipline does not mean “to punish.”
  4. Remain calm even if you have to fake it.
  5. Set clear rules and follow through with consequences.
  6. Consider your children’s age and abilities when making demands.
  7. Be flexible but don’t “cave” to avoid conflict.
  8. Be on the same page with others who discipline your kids.
  9. Brainstorm with your kids to solve problems.
  10. Build a loving relationship with your kids so they will listen to you.

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practical, well-researched information for parents:

An Introduction to Discipline

The Dual Role of Parents: Providing Nurture and Structure

The Right Attitude for Discipline that Works

The Most Effective Parenting Style of Discipline that Works

Using Rules for Discipline that Works

Consequences that Work: An Effective Discipline Tool

A Case against Corporal Punishment and Effective Alternatives

words of wisdom by parents for parents:

How Many Times Do I Have to Tell You?

Ponder awhile your Parenting Style

Say “Yes” to Less “No’s”

Please Don’t Spank your Children and What to Do Instead

Vote for a Democratic Family: Creating a Voice and a Vote in your Home

Some Rules about Rules

Truths about Consequences

Negotiating the End of Battles: Using Problem Solving Skills

Ten Favorite Parenting Techniques

sit back, relax, and turn up your speakers:

The Tools for Effective Discipline:

Part I – Why Discipline is Difficult Part II – The Dual Role
Part III – The Three C’s Part IV – Staying Calm
Part V – Getting and Being Clear Part VI – Disciplining with Confidence

Other Discipline Topics:

The Purpose of Discipline
The Best Discipline Style
Part I – How to Use Rules Part II – How to Set Rules
Part III – 6 Steps for Setting Rules Consequences: A Discipline Tool

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