Let your Family Know You Love Them

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Instead of chocolates or flowers, I am giving you a Valentine’s Day task. (Don’t worry, it’s easy.) Here’s what it is: tell someone in your life how much you appreciate them and why. It could be for the smallest thing, but something that makes them feel loved and special.


For example, thank your partner for putting the coffee on every morning, thereby giving you the simple pleasure of rolling out of bed and pouring yourself a cup: “When you put the coffee on every morning, it makes my day just a little bit easier! That’s such a thoughtful thing to do.”

Thank your child for adding so much joy to your life: “I love how you make me laugh; thank you for brightening up my day!” Thanking someone for the little things can mean a lot to them.

Once when my very quiet, keep-his-compliments-to-himself son was around 10-years-old and I had just finished cleaning the bathroom, he exclaimed, “Good job on the bathroom, Mom, it’s so shiny!” Believe it or not, it made my day. (I know, I know – but I didn’t get out much when my kids were little!)

Give this year’s Valentine’s Day extra meaning by telling the significant people in your life that you love them and why. You might just make their day, and they may never forget how much they are appreciated!

By Claire Gawinowicz, Certified Parenting Educator

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