Advice to All New Parents

  • There is one right way to raise a child – and that is by doing whatever honors and respects your values, your temperaments, and each of you. precious sleeping baby
  • Anyone who tells you that they have all the parenting answers is wrong.  At best, some ideas work some of the time with certain children at certain stages. In truth, we are all using our intuition and hoping at each stage with each child that we are doing it right or at least good enough.
  • Don’t worry about starting bad habits. Kids change too much. Do what works for you today and you’ll do what you need to do tomorrow.
  • You cannot spoil a baby under the age of one. In fact, research shows that the more frequently and the quicker you attend to young children’s needs, the more independent they become as they grow. So go ahead; snuggle, kiss, and pick up your baby!
  • Parents need to care for themselves – take a break, find a way to sleep, eat properly, exercise, and have social contacts. You can’t care for another person when you are on empty. You are taking care of your child when you take care of yourself!
  • Take all advice, even ours, with a grain of salt. Some ideas are great; some are not helpful; and some are downright harmful. Do what you believe is right for your family!

Congratulations on your new little bundle!

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