Homework: What can be good about it

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.


Now that September is here, are you ready for the structure and the obligations that the school year brings? No matter whether you are excited or dreading it, many parents find that the academic rigors spill over into home life. At the very least, families need to leave time in their schedules for the completion of homework. In addition, parents may also listen to kids’ complaints about having to do homework, monitor their progress, and assist them when they need help.

So is homework worth the trouble?  There are many benefits to having children complete assignments outside of school. Beyond, reinforcing the lessons taught in class, homework provides kids with an opportunity to:

  • meet their obligations, thereby feeling and being responsible
  • learn organizational and time management skills  which will last a lifetime
  • master new skills, which builds children’s sense of themselves as being capable.

Over time, these daily accomplishments help children to meet ever greater challenges with a sense of competency and to have the confidence to risk failing at new and difficult tasks. Children who are willing to take such academic risks are those who are more successful in school and gain from the fruits of the labor.

So as you approach this new school year, rather than groaning at the thought of “more work,” try to look at homework as a time to build good habits and skills that will serve your child throughout his academic career and beyond.


by Audrey Krisbergh, Director, Certified Parenting Educator

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