An Attitude of Gratitude

“There must be more to life than having everything”
-By Maurice Sendak

It can seem at times that children today are more materialistic and expect that more and more be done for them rather than feeling grateful for what they have.  We live in a culture that encourages spending, buying, instant gratification, superficial values, and quick answers rather than persistence in overcoming obstacles and learning to deal with frustration.

A Tip for Combatting Over-indulgence:
Teaching your children to understand the concept of “enough” is one of the very important, yet simple, things you can do to counteract tendencies toward wanting too much and to encourage a feeling of satisfaction.  The concept of “enough” can be taught informally over many years as situations arise.  For example:

  • You have had enough cookies already.  You can have a carrot or an apple.
  • You have watched enough TV today.  You can read a book or go outside to play.
  • After we get your jacket and jeans, we will see if there is enough money left for the sneakers you want.
  • You’ve been out with your friends for enough time this weekend.  Now you need to spend time at home because we haven’t seen enough of you lately.

by Claire Gawinowicz
Certified Parenting Educator

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