Fathers Do Not Mother

“Fathers Do Not Mother” –
 Kyle D. Pruett, MD., Author of Fatherneed

Fathers and mothers typically have very different styles in how they approach the job of parenting.  They each provide their children with very different experiences and give them very different perspectives on the world.

Whereas mothers tend to nurture and protect their children, fathers are more likely to encourage exploration in the outside world. Even with infants or small children, fathers tend to hold the children facing forward to meet and greet the world, while mothers tend to hold the children facing inward or over their shoulders.  

When their children are struggling to learn a new skill such as tying shoes or riding a bicycle, mothers tend to jump in to assist more quickly. Fathers, on the other hand, allow children to experience greater frustration. Fathers, by holding back help and providing encouragement from the sidelines, offer their children the opportunity to persevere in the face of obstacles. If successful, children feel a great sense of accomplishment for having done it on their own.   
Fathers offer unique perspectives and experiences that are very valuable to children’s ability to function independently – they promote seeking out new and exciting situations, encourage creativity, and help children feel confident that they can solve the problems that they face. 
So, I for one, am glad that fathers do not mother!  I appreciate all that they add to our children’s lives and encourage dads to embrace their unique and special way of parenting.
Deb Cohen, Certified Parenting Educator
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