Tips for a Successful Chore Plan

Believe that doing chores is important


  • build self-esteem as children see that they are capable, competent and able to contribute to the family

  • instill work habits that last a lifetime, including delaying gratification

  • teach skills needed to become independent and fully-functioning adults


Strive for success

  • Start with chores that your children can easily accomplish

  • Keep the amount of time needed to complete chores short

  • Keep the number of tasks to be completed small

  • Be sure that the plan and timetable fits into the family’s schedule

  • Be patient as children learn new skills and work habits


Work with your children

  • Solicit their input

  • Allow children to select those tasks that they find most appealing

  • Make sure they know how to do the task; demonstrate how to do it

  • Make clear your expectations for a job well done

  • Give them flexibility about when they will complete the tasks


Set a positive tone

  • Be confident in your decision to implement a chore plan in your family

  • Model a positive approach to doing your “chores”

  • Celebrate your children’s accomplishments

  • Chores don’t have to be a “chore.” Lighten the mood with humor, music, games, etc.


Promote responsibility and accountability

  • Expect your children to live up to their agreements

  • Have consequences in place for non-compliance

  • Work together to solve problems as they arise

  • Re-evaluate the plan with your children in a few weeks when they are young and at least several times a year when they are older

  • Be flexible and willing to adjust the plan as needed

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