What are the Best Ways to Parent Toddlers?

Here are the Top 10 Tips for parenting toddlers:
toddler smelling the flowers

  1. Don’t trust toddlers to keep themselves safe. Child-proof your home.
  2. Leave time to switch from one activity to another.
  3. Give choices that are ok with you.
  4. Don’t force your toddlers to share.
  5. Allow your toddlers to use “lovies” to soothe themselves.
  6. Ignore any behavior you can safely ignore.
  7. Allow toddlers to do things they are capable of doing – as long as they are safe.
  8. Have routines at bed, bath, and meal times; toddlers love routines.
  9. Tell your toddlers two things they CAN DO every time you tell them one thing they CAN’T DO.
  10. Avoid things that lead to tantrums (over-tired, hungry, too much stuff going on).

Toddlers are driven to learn about their world. They also begin to want some control, which is why they often say “NO!” To avoid power struggles with your little explorers, choose your battles. You can distract them and child proof your home so you do not always have to tell them “no.”

On the other hand, toddlers need to learn to cope when they don’t get their way and to be flexible about changes in their routines. This takes time. Start with matters of safety and health.

Parents of toddlers must set limits in a way that is nurturing, clear, consistent, and calm in order to keep their children safe.

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