How to be the Best Parent?

Here are the Top 10 Tips for being the best parent you can be:
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  1. There are no perfect parents – mistakes are chances to learn.
  2. Take care of yourself so you have energy to care for your children.
  3. Don’t live through your kids – meet your needs through your own efforts.
  4. Support and give your children the skills to solve their own problems – avoid being a “helicopter” parent.
  5. You have many years to raise your children – focus on one or two concerns at a time.
  6. Pick and choose from your upbringing how you want to parent.
  7. Create family traditions to pass on memories and values.
  8. “Get on the same page” for larger parenting decisions with those who share in your children’s care.
  9. Seek support when you need it.
  10. Maintain a sense of humor.


All parents are making the best decisions they can about their children’s needs, given their past experiences, the information they have, and the circumstances they face.

There are no perfect parents and often when parents do strive for perfection, they become exhausted and can feel inadequate.

Parents and their children are better off when moms and dads:

  • take care of themselves,
  • give themselves credit for all the good things they are doing,
  • have people in their lives who will offer them support and appreciation for their efforts.

Parenting is the most important job that any of us ever have: raising children to become responsible, caring, compassionate, and resilient. It is also one of the most challenging and frustrating. Parents need and deserve support and information to help them do the best they can in this critical task.
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