How Do I Know if I am an Indulgent Parent?

Over indulgence prevents children from learning important skills. Here are the Top 10 Tips to avoid indulgence:
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  1. Realize that over-indulging harms children’s ability to function in life.
  2. Point out when they have had enough of something.
  3. Teach the difference between what they need and what they want.
  4. At times have children wait for things they want. Coping with frustration will help them.
  5. Set and hold firm limits and rules.
  6. Follow through with consequences.
  7. Don’t do things for your children that they can do for themselves.
  8. Think about the value you put on material things and how you view responsibilities.
  9. Show gratitude for all you have.
  10. Encourage your children to think of others and make the world a better place.

It can be hard to avoid over indulgence in our culture that values material things. Also, it can seem easier to do things for your children than having them do it. Children need skills to deal with everyday life.

Over-indulgence can happen when parents do not make children face the consequences of their misbehavior.  This robs kids of chances to learn and grow from mistakes and can lead to poor coping skills.

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