How do I Discipline my Child?

Here are the Top 10 Tips for discipline:

  1. Be the leader and teacher in your home.
  2. Discipline means “to teach.”
  3. Discipline does not mean “to punish.”
  4. Remain calm even if you have to fake it.
  5. Set clear rules and follow through with consequences.
  6. Consider your children’s age and abilities when making demands.
  7. Be flexible but don’t “cave” to avoid conflict.
  8. Be on the same page with others who discipline your kids.
  9. Brainstorm with your kids to solve problems.
  10. Build a loving relationship with your kids so they will listen to you.

Before you discipline your child, ask yourself, “What does he need to learn in this situation?” Maybe he needs to learn to use his words instead of hitting or how to calm himself down.

Parents need to guide their children and teach them the skills they will need to function in the world. Discipline helps kids learn to control themselves and become responsible adults.

There is a wide range of healthy discipline approaches. Parents should avoid the extremes of being too lax and neglectful (not providing enough guidance) or being too strict (using harsh punishment or not being respectful).
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