How Do I Build Children’s Self-Esteem?

Here are the Top 10 Tips to build children’s self-esteem:

Proud as a Peacock

  1. Let them know you love them.
  2. Teach skills so they feel able to do things.
  3. Support trying new things.
  4. Praise effort, not just success.
  5. Praise what kids can control (hard-work), not genetics (intelligence).
  6. Listen to and accept their feelings.
  7. View mistakes as a time to learn.
  8. Make sure children follow through with things they need to do.
  9. Use household chores to teach responsibility.
  10. Find and build upon their strengths.


Self-esteem is the opinion one has of oneself. It is made up of how lovable and capable a child feels. Having these two beliefs helps a child overcome set-backs and persist when the going gets tough. Self-esteem plays a large role in whether a child will be successful.

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” Self-esteem defines how willing a person is to try new things. It impacts how he reacts when bad things happen. It also determines how content he is with his life.

In short, a person’s level of self-esteem shapes his ability to reach his goals.
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