Recorded Online Parenting Classes

Please note: We no longer offer Certificates of Completion.
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Parenting Class Topics

Watch our recorded parenting classes to be the best parent you can be. Gain new insights and see what questions, issues, and comments other parents have shared.

Disciplining that Works

Setting the Stage for Discipline That Works

The Right Attitude for Discipline That Works

Truths About Consequences

Using Rules for Discipline That Works


Understanding your Child

Limit Setting for Toddlers

Riding the Waves of the Teen Years

All Kids are One of a Kind: Understanding Temperament

Taking Time for Family Talk

The Skill of Healthy Communication

Working Together: The Skill of Problem Exploration

Creating a Parenting Partnership: Working Together as a Team

Helping Kids Reach their Potential

Promoting Responsibility: A Key to Success

Building Character, Confidence and Self-Esteem in Your Children

Creating An Attitude of Gratitude in the “Entitled” Generation

Deciding What’s Important: Using Values to Raise Children

Managing Strong Feelings

“You’re So Mean – I Hate You” – Taming the Anger Monster in Children

“M-O-M! He’s Looking at Me!” Coping with Sibling Rivalry


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Please note: We no longer offer Certificates of Completion.


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Here is what parents who have attended our online parenting workshops have to say:

“I am a single parent, so it is very hard for me to get out at night. Being able to attend a class from home is so convenient.  You gave great information on the slides and your answers to the questions were excellent. You were very encouraging, and it helped to know that other people in the ‘room’ were in the same boat with their kids and their questions.”

“Allow me to say how wonderful these online programs are.  Your programs are fantastic, but because I have a small child at home, I can’t attend workshops in person.  So this is the perfect solution!!”

“I appreciate any and all programs in this on-line format.  As a single parent, it is difficult for me to get out at night.  Being able to watch from my own home really affords me the opportunity to attend the sessions.”

“Thanks so much for offering these online workshops. This is my 2nd one and I enjoy the convenience and information!  The presentation was great.  It is an awesome thing you are doing!”

“I really liked the interactiveness of the seminar.  It was nicely paced and gave us so many opportunities to hear what other parents think.  By reading the ideas in the chat area and by doing the exercises, I feel like I learned so much.  It really made me think about how I can use all the information at home with my children.”

“This was my first experience taking an online class – it was easy and fun, and I learned so much.  Thank you so much for doing these programs!”


Parents from all over the United States, Canada, and even Asia, Australia, and Europe have been in attendance.

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